Aamir Khan’s Wife Kiran Rao and Ex-Wife Reena Dutta’s Friendship Is Precious!

Love Over Bitterness: Aamir Khan’s Wife Kiran Rao and Ex-Wife Reena Dutta’s Friendship Is Precious! Chaitra Krishnan Hyderabd040-395603080 February 3, 2020 How many of us have a cordial relationship with our ex’s girlfriend/ boyfriend? Well, that might be a difficult question to answer and for some of us, it might not be the best thing to even think about. The realization that the person whom we once called ours is with someone else now and a lot has changed in both your lives can sometimes be painful. But if you are mature enough and you have a strong mind and heart, you’d slowly learn to accept that nothing is permanent and change cannot be held back. This is when you move on and find news paths in your life. While some people take years and buckets of tears to move on, some do it gracefully. And such an admirable woman is Aamir Khan’s ex-wife Reena Dutta.We’re sure it must have been horrible for her when she and Aamir decided to call it quits. However, Reena is now over it and is even friends with Aamir’s current wife, Kiran Rao! She chose love over bitterness and is proving to us what a winner she is in life! At the same time, Kiran is also being an example of utmost grace and strength by showing us how you can have a cordial relationship with someone who your partner was once in love with. Reena and Kiran’s friendship is evident from the many photographs that are clicked at their family functions and other events. You cannot withstand falling in love with them because the friendship of the duo is simply precious!What Aamir Has To Say _aamir_khan_star / InstagramThe third person in this story, Aamir Khan, himself accepts the fact that relationships don’t always work out the way you want them to and that people fall out of love. When he appeared on B-town’s most-loved chat show, Koffee With Karan, Aamir spoke about Reena and Kiran’s friendship and he seemed very happy about it. “Reena and Kiran are both warm and matured as people. I have not contributed anything to their friendship,” he said.As he always does, Aamir spoke very highly about Reena during the show. He said how he was married to her for almost 16 years and that their separation was very hard on both of them as well as their families. However, he said that both Reena and he tried their best to deal with the situation and he still respects her a lot. Talking about Reena, Aamir added, “It did not mean that I lost respect for Reena, or for that matter, I lost my love for Reena. She is a really wonderful person. I am lucky that I had the opportunity to be with her for 16 years. That enriched me and we grew up together. We were very young when we got married. I give a value to that and I’m glad that she does too.”The Filmy Love Story Of Aamir And Reena khanizmturkey / InstagramAamir Khan and Reena Dutta got married when they were very young; he was 21 and she was 19. As if in a very cheesy Bollywood drama, Aamir and Reena were neighbors. To be specific, their houses faced each other and so did the windows to their rooms. Once Aamir fell head over heels for Reena, he started spending a lot more time in front of the window and even if Reena didn’t reciprocate in the beginning she did it later on. And why wouldn’t she? Aamir wrote a love letter to her with his blood! In an old interview, Aamir said that he gave Reena a letter written with his blood because he felt that was the best way to let her know the depth of his feelings (too Bollywood, right?).And in 1986, the two got married at a court and went back to their homes without letting anyone know that they were actually married. The difference in religion and the fact that Reena was still a student and Aamir wasn’t earning enough forced them to keep their marriage a secret for a while. When Aamir shot Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Reena made a special appearance in one of the songs and that’s when people got to know about their marriage (at least some of them).When Aamir Met Kiran aamir.khan_azerbaijan / InstagramKiran and Aamir met for the first time in the sets of Ashutosh Gowarikar’s legendary movie Lagaan. They eventually became each others’ friends and Kiran believes that it’s their friendship that became the foundation of their relationship. Even though the duo was not interested in marriage at first, they tied the knot in 2005. While Aamir has denied that the reason for Reena and his separation wasn’t his growing proximity with Kiran, the rumors spread like a wildfire back then.However, the past is past and Aamir, Kiran, and Reena are happy in their own lives. Reena is still a good friend of Aamir and Kiran and there’s hardly any bitterness. We’re sure this would have helped Aamir’s children Junaid and Ira (with Reena), and Azad (with Kiran) grow up in a healthier parenting environment. While it’s important to accept that sometimes relationships don’t work out, it’s also important to accept the fact and gracefully move on. We think that’s the most important thing we can learn from Reena and Kiran’s friendship. What do you think of their beautiful bond? Let us know in the comments section below.RelatedThe following two tabs change content below.Chaitra is a passionate writer and fashion enthusiast. A fiction fan and poetry lover, she goes by the motto “When life throws lemons at you, mix the juice with some honey and get rid of your tan!” Also, jumps at the word “Sale”.

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